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First things first; where does the name ‘Galaxy89cars’ come from?


I’ll admit it, I’m a Samsung fanboy. My phone has been a Samsung since the Tocco Ultra Edition. I like the way they look, feel, perform and how customisable they are. I upgraded to a Galaxy S4 a few years ago and was prompted to create a Gmail account. Naturally, the first thing that came into my head was the item in my hand, therefore the ‘Galaxy’ from Galaxy89cars, comes from the Samsung phone I had just upgraded to. The ‘cars’ is fairly self explanatory, but what about the ‘89’? A piece of information that gives away a lot about me. The year of my birth. As you can see, I’m quite a simple creature (at least when it comes to naming email addresses and YouTube channels). I had no idea that I’d one day be collaborating with brands or Supercar dealerships when I first created the name I now use as an umbrella for most of my creative energy.


I've had a love and interest for performance cars since I was a child. Many years were spent playing with toy cars. To anyone watching me I was simply pushing diecast toys around my bedroom, but my imagination created a world where I piloted a machine of extreme power along undulating roads, city streets and race circuits; laying down rubber, creating smoke and disappointing rivals.


That passion and intrigue persisted into adolescence when I bought my first car; a Peugeot 106. I even joined the modification scene for while. I added a full performance exhaust system and induction kit. I don’t think it improved the performance much, but it certainly made it louder. Even though it wasn’t what I was desperately trying to make it (a true performance car), I felt like I was driving a genuinely epic car. How wrong I was…


After this I spent 5 years in higher education studying 2 different degrees. During this period I didn’t have much time to spend obsessing over my love for cars, but I did manage to go racing for the first time. I joined my universities’ Karting society and raced in it for 2 years alongside my friends. It was extremely enjoyable and also a nice opportunity to let out some post-lecture frustration and be as close to my 4 wheeled passions as possible.

During the end of my final degree I started watching more and more YouTube videos and less TV (as I’m sure is becoming a tradition amongst students) and stumbled across a few people who would upload content of their experiences with supercars. I found the idea fascinating, especially as there was an apparent audience, often in the 100’s of thousands. Towards the end of summer 2014 I decided to give it a go. Why did I make this decision? Well, their content re-ignited my interest for all things 4-wheeled and I really wanted to see what they had been posting for myself. Did London really turn into a 4 wheeled circus during the summer? Are car shows really that exciting? A few trips to London and 1 Goodwood Festival of Speed later and I was hooked. The bright colours, flaming exhausts and high pitched or bass revs that make hundreds turn to look to either exclaim with amazement or bemusement had me sold.

Since my first upload in September 2014 I have enjoyed learning about YouTube, supercars, hypercars and everything in between. Recently, I decided to turn my focus towards in-depth video production and take it a lot more seriously. I have had the pleasure to work with various brands, companies and dealerships in an attempt to establish myself as a source for quality automotive content. I now create content pertaining to my genre, such as: overviews, in-depth tours, pure sound and even videos from car shows from around the UK and Europe.


As my channels grow I will be aiming to produce increasingly diverse content and I will strive to always improve.




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